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The Only Holy and Sanctified Day
Hebrews 9:22, "without shedding of Blood is no remission."
The Reality of Christianity
The Acceptance of the Gentiles into the House of Salvation
Muhammad and the Angel Gabriel at Mount Hira (a few miles from Mecca)
LEVITICUS 18:22 & Romans 1:26-27; The Abomination of Sex
Marriage, A Man and A Woman


Prince Yosef II welcome you to this site, and he prayed that the MOST HIGH  will give you eyes to see and ears to hear, Spiritually.

WARNING:  There shall be no advertisement from or to any wording or lettering or images of this site, period!   

The first thing that he wants you to know is that many pastors, or spiritual scientist leaders are being mislead from the truth of the Scriptures, and they are teaching the same.  Even though the Scriptures said in (II Timothy 2:15), "Study to show yourself approved unto ELOHIM"  (GOD).
The problem with many teachers of the Bibles, is that they are taught by those who don't have any Spiritual knowledge about the Scriptures, only the knowledge about putting words together from the Bibles in order to make an intelligence conclusion for themselves, and this, most of them can't see or don't understand.  What I meant by that is this; those who are calling themselves your spiritual leaders, and the questions  to them are; why they don't teach about the true People of the MOST HIGH, the Hebrew Israelite, instead of the so-called Jews or Jewish who are not?  And why they don't teach about the truth of the Sabbath, which is the seventh day, Saturday? And why they don't teach the truth about who you are as a Gentile, in other words, you as a Gentile are not a Christian, but could be a Gentile of Faith? and why they don't teach against those pagans days which are an abomination against the MOST HIGH, such as Christmas, Easter, New Year (January), and Halloween meaning to the pagans as a holy evening before the so-called all saints' day?  And I must add, Christmas and Easter have nothing to do with YAHSHUA (Jesus Christ) nor any light or knowledge toward Salvation, period!  Beside, a so-called Christmas tree is an abomination in the sight of YAHOVAH.

In the book of (Jeremiah 10:2-4) it states, "YAHOVAH said, "Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of Heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. "For the customs of the heathen are vain: for one cuts a tree out of the forest, the labor of the hands of the workman, with the axe. "The heathen deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not."
With all that teaching of lies and leading the people from the truth of the Scriptures, they will call themselves the chosen of the MOST HIGH or the people of the Bible, or that GOD called them to preach, is this the blind leading the blind? 

The main point of interest to most spiritual leaders is to fine or execute a method to win over many followers, and what is that? Philosophy, the method or a particular system of principles for the conduct of animal or human life, in this case.  If anyone can master that in teaching it and mixing up a little scripture in it, he or the she will have a large listening audience, which is part of Satan's workshop.

Prince Yosef II is pleading with you, listen and hear them, open your eyes and see them if you wanted to be in the path of Righteousness of the MOST HIGH, because this World is truly approaching its end by the MOST HIGH.
And please remember this, the great deceiver, Satan, has been deceiving this World and the World before Adam and Eve, but not the World to come and that is the World Without End, therefore, he and his disciples have worked their attributes into mankind so that mankind knows not the Righteousness of the MOST HIGH nor  any  knowledge toward the World Without End.
I know its going to hurt, or you probably go into denial, it is expected of you to do so, because most of this Earth has been misled by the great deceiver, Satan and his disciples.   
In the book of (Jeremiah 12:10) it states, "Many pastors have destroyed MY Vineyard, they have trodden MY Portion under foot, they have made MY Pleasant Portion a desolate wilderness."
And just what is the MOST HIGH'S Vineyard, one may ask?
In (Isaiah 5:7) it states, "For the Vineyard of YAHOVAH of Hosts is the house of Israel, and the men of Judah HIS Pleasant Plant...

We also must remember this, that the MOST HIGH nor YAHSHUA  sent any of Their Messenger to a Gentile or his institution to learn the Scriptures, and that is one reason why these verses in (I Corinthians 1:25-27) are written,
"Because the foolishness of ELOHIM is wiser than men; and the weakness of ELOHIM is stronger than men. "For you see your calling Brethren (Hebrew Israelite), how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:"But ELOHIM have chosen the foolish things of the World to confound the wise; and ELOHIM have chosen the weak things of the World to confound the things which are mighty; "And base things of the World, and things which are despised, have ELOHIM chosen, yes! and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are!"
In the book of (Hosea 4:6) where the MOST HIGH is relating to HIS People the Hebrew Israelite, it states, "MY People are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you shall be no Priest to ME: seeing you have forgotten the Law of your ELOHIM, I will also forget your children."
And to that verse I must add, that it doesn't mean the MOST HIGH have done away with HIS people the Hebrew Israelite and replace them with Gentiles.  Please read (Jeremiah 31:35-37).

This site is for truth, even though many may not believe nor want to read nor hear the truth - and many who reach this site will not go beyond this page - because the truth shall hurt, but the fact is, the truth is like being born and dying and only a few can't deny it if it is laid before them.  And the truth is what this site is all about, to bring it before you and lay it on your lap.

And what is the Truth, one may ask?  The Truth is the Righteousness of the MOST HIGH.  As it states in the book of (Psalm 98:2-9), "YAHOVAH had made known HIS Salvation: HIS Righteousness have HE openly shown in the sight of the heathen (Gentiles). "HE had remembered HIS Mercy and HIS Truth toward the House of Israel: all the ends of the Earth have seen the Salvation of our ELOHIM.
"Make a joyful noise unto YAHOVAH, all the Earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. "Sing unto YAHOVAH with the harp and the voice of a Psalm. "With
trumpets and sound of cornet make a joyful noise before YAHOVAH, the KING. "Let the sea roar, and the fullness thereof; the World and they that dwell therein. "Let the floods clap their hands: let the hills be joyful together before YAHOVAH; for HE shall come to judge the Earth: with Righteousness, HE shall judge the World and the people with equity."
(Isaiah 51:6) "Lift up your eyes to the Heavens, and look upon the Earth beneath: for the Heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the Earth shall wax old like a garment, and they that dwell therein shall die like manner: but MY Salvation shall be forever, and MY Righteousness shall not be abolished."

The ALMIGHTY has yielded righteousness unto Mankind, yes! but it has become as filthy rags, (Isaiah 64:6) "But we all (Gentiles and Israelite) as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities like the wind, have taken us away."
I said that to say this, that if Mankind would listen and look at himself; especially when he is trying to teach the Scriptures, he would find that he is executing the righteousness of himself instead the Righteousness of the MOST HIGH.

Therefore, many will read and examine this site, yes! but they will not believe still, and one reason is because they are not chosen to see nor to hear and that is the truth of this matter.  And perhaps the other reason is that they don't want to disturb the well dressed house of traditions in which they reside, and that's the house or place where they worship, even though it doesn't teach the truth of the Scriptures

In the book of (Isaiah 66:15-16) states, "For, behold, YAHOVAH will come with fire, and with HIS Chariots like a whirlwind, to render HIS Anger with fury, and HIS rebuke with flames of fire. "For by fire and by HIS Sword will YAHOVAH plead with all flesh: and the slain of YAHOVAH shall be many."  

Therefore, I ask that you read and examine this site and all of its pages because it is written, "My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge."
And what that verse means is that HIS people, the Hebrew Israelite - specially, and those who were grafted in, the Gentiles are being deceived by Satan's disciples because of not seeking the Truth of the ALMIGHTY. 
Therefore, who needs to read and examine this site?  Those who believe that they are Christians, or believe that there are Christians on this Earth today - those who believe that the European Jews are the chosen people of the Most High or from the seed of Abraham - or those who believe that the so-called "Jehovah's Witnesses" are the witness of the MOST HIGH - those who believe that the Muslim's god Allah is the same GOD (ELOHIM) of the Hebrew Israelite, or even those who believe that any Gentile is able to teach the Scriptures of the Hebrew Israelite, such as the Mormon or the Seven Day Adventist, and lastly, those who believe that they or someone else can create and even called the children, "kids." 

Note: Let me make this clear, Scriptures wise, why the Gentiles shouldn't teach the Scriptures of the Hebrew Israelites.  In the book of Lamentations 1:10 it states, "The adversary (to know who the adversary is, read verse 7) has spread out his hand upon all her pleasant things: for she (Israel) has seen that the heathen entered into her Sanctuary, whom YOU (the ALMIGHTY) did not command that they should not enter into YOUR Congregation."  
(Deuteronomy 23:3 & 18) "An Ammonite or Moabite (Gentiles) shall not enter into the Congregation of YAHOVAH; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the Congregation of YAHOVAH for ever. "You shall not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog, into the House of YAHOVAH Your ELOHIM for any vow: for even both these are abomination unto YAHOVAH Your ELOHIM."
(Nehemiah 13:1) "On that day they read in the Book of Moses in the audience of the people; and therein was found written, that the Ammonite and the Moabite (Gentiles) should not come into the Congregation of ELOHIM for ever."   
Let me extend the reasons to the Gentiles about entering into the Congregation of the MOST HIGH.  Only through the House of Israel has the MOST HIGH estabished Salvation through YASHUA, and through that House should the Gentiles be received or sojourned to receive Salvation, Romans 11: 11-24.   
Also, the Gentiles brought into the House of Salvation, the House of Israel, their metaphor and entities which were an abomination against the MOST HIGH.  In other words, they thought by bringing in their ways and methods of worshiping, that they may replace, what seems to be a loss Nation, the Hebrew Israelite. 
They need to search themselves for the truth of these matters starting with this site "The World Without End", and be looking out for my book "The World Without End" for further spiritual awakening.

In the Book of (1John 4:1), John was specifically talking to the Israelite, even though many so-called Christians don't believe it.  Never-the-less, the verse reads as follow, "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of ELOHIM (GOD): because many false prophets are gone out into the World."

I wrote that to explain this; that many who read this site won't search for the truth of themselves by examining the Scriptures of what they had been taught, and the truth of the Scriptures won't be understood to its full intention if anyone isolates themselves in a Gentile world, in other words, is a Gentile the head of your knowledge or teaching of the Scriptures, or is he the head of your worshiping methods or religion?  If so, then you are standing on sinking sand.

Most of mankind knows something about the Scriptures, the Bibles, but have they been taught the truth or understand what they read?
The truth about the Scriptures, the Qu'ran and any other spiritual books that are used by religious groups are about to be revealed - the truth about the Scriptures concerning them - that is!

We know that each one of us is responsible for our own mistakes and we prayerfully will gather wisdom, but sometimes along the way mankind gets lazy or develops a custom for his spiritual knowledge - and guess what? Mankind ends up in organizations, cults or even calling themselves (men and women) something or someone else which they are not, such as Christian, Jew or Jewish, Jehovah's Witness and even the children of the MOST HIGH, etc.

So why am I saying all of this? To let those who have ears to hear and eyes to see the big catastrophe this World is in.  And also to let you know a little about the World that is yet to come, "The World Without End." (Isaiah 45:17 -Ephesians 3:21)

ISBN 978-1-4628-6016-6 Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-4628-6015-9 Softcover

"The World Without End" and "This Third And Final World" are the two books into one and they are written by no other author than myself, Prince Yosef II.  It will enlighten each readers about the chaotic Worlds which caused their total destruction by the MOST HIGH. And even this World is in its chaotic condition and heading for its destruction by the MOST HIGH.
These books, "The World Without End" and "This Third And Final World" will let the readers know how to understand themselves, Spiritually and how to receive or understand Salvation in this World.  These books are not books of miracles nor fiction, but a book of Spiritual  Knowledge and Wisdom from the MOST HIGH, I spiritually believe.
This book, "The World Without End" is exactly what it is, a World that will never end by the will of the MOST HIGH.  And the last book, "This Third And Final World", is written as it is from the Scriptures, the total destruction of this Earth.  A Spiritual awakening indeed! 

  This web-site, "The World Without End" is not the book but the same title.  This book is now on sale through  You can also order it through my web-site, the book title or the ISBN numbers listed above.
NOTE: When ordering my book, I would appreciate if the buyer would give me some feed-back for a reduction in the price.  There seem to be, at times, some problem in placing an order. 
Thank you.

Our FATHER, the CREATOR of the universe; Sun, Earth and Mankind. I ask for YOUR forgiveness of the wrongdoing which has passed before me. Give me strength to uphold YOUR laws and the loving kindness toward all mankind. Let the way of YOUR Light be received unto me that I may lead myself; brothers and sisters out of our darkness. For YOU alone are the CREATOR, our ALMIGHTY FATHER and SAVIOR, from the beginning to now and at the end of time...In the name of YAHSHUA, after the Order of MELCHIZEDEK, I pray unto YOU.
                                                          Shalom / Amen: (In Honesty and Sincerity I commit myself in closing). 

A Prayer for the Gentile of Faith:
     Our CREATOR, the SAVIOR to all those whom YOU will have mercy, in the name of YAHSHUA, and under that same Name, I ask for your forgiveness of the wrongdoing which has passed before me.  YOU have chosen a Nation, the Nation of Israel, the Hebrew Israelite, a People near unto YOU, and to them YOU yielded Salvation.  Even though YOU have chosen them, and even in the Name of YAHSHUA, I as a Gentile pray to be grafted according to the Scriptures, and I do pray for YOUR Mercy in the Name of YAHSHUA, that I maybe a partaker into the way of Salvation.
In Spirit and in Truth, I commit myself unto YOU, in the Name of YOUR SON and our SAVIOR, YAHSHUA, after the Order of MELCHIZEDEK.

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the ALMIGHTY will so let it be.      

Shalom, May PEACE be unto us all...

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